Manoj Bajpayee stranded in Uttarakhand due to Covid-19 lock-down

By | April 11, 2020

Manoj Bajpayee was shooting a film in Uttarkhand when the lockdown happened. Before Manoj could catch a flight home to Mumbai, all means of transport seized. And now Manoj finds himself in a distant outskirt of Uttarakhand where there is no television, and the mobile network is very poor.

Manoj Bajpai stranded in Uttarakhand due to Covid-19 lock-down

A source close to Manoj in Uttarakhand informs, “He was shooting for an undisclosed film with Deepak Dobriyal in the wilderness when disaster struck after just 4 days of shooting. Manoj has no means of returning to Mumbai. He’s been stuck in Uttarkhand for over three weeks now. Unless the lockdown is lifted there is nothing he can do. Luckily he has his wife Shabana and daughter with him. So they are all entertained. Deepak Dobriyal who was shooting with Manoj in Uttarakhand is alone. His wife and children are in Mumbai.” Confirming the same Manoj texted from Uttarakhand to say, “All of us are here, safe. Take care and stay safe.”

Sachiin Joshi who has been stranded in Dubai for more than two weeks without his family says he misses being with his Missus. “Now I know exactly what it feels like to be away from one’s wife and children at a time like this. People who are home with their families don’t know how lucky they are. They really shouldn’t grumble.”

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