JB of GOT7 leaves you spellbound on the cover of Allure magazine

By | April 14, 2020

It’s the week leading to the comeback of South Korean group, GOT7. They have released the cinematic album trailer followed by several teaser images. Ahead of the album launch, the leader of the group JB aka Jaebeom is featured on the digital cover of Allure magazine.

The magazine has kickstarted the digital section of “The Beauty Of K-Pop” that explores impact of South Korea’s music, it’s impact and beauty innovation. Lim Jaebeom or JB, the singer-songwriter-composer, has been in the industry for 11 years now. From trainee days to becoming part of one of most renowned K-pop groups in the world, he has been hustling hard towards his goals.

The cover shoot is absolutely stunning but opting for vibrant colours to his flaunting his long hair, two coloured contacts. And also, can we talk about all black look with leather jacket that has fringes?  Greaser JAY B. May we say that?

Speaking to the magazine about how he deals with the times when he is not motivated to create music, he said, “I rest, write for myself, draw, or walk around town.”

These days, the 26-year-old musician is sporting raven black shoulder length hair, facing piercings. Speaking of breaking the norm and changing the stigma around tattoos and piercings, he further added, “I wanted to show people that [piercings] aren’t a bad thing or good thing, but it’s a new cultural thing.”

“I wanted to get out of that box of K-pop style. When you look at pictures of other guys, they usually have the same [stereotypical], two-block hairstyle (K-pop’s take on an undercut). Because it’s part of our jobs as idols to look impressive, I wanted something different — a new look with more texture. This is my own way of expressing that,” he added.

Speaking of piercings, he further said, “But I wanted it, so I got it. It’s my body and my life. So I just did it.”

JB is currently looking forward to the release of GOT7’s upcoming album ‘Dye’ which is dropping on April 20.


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Today, Allure launches “The Beauty of K-Pop,” a week-long exploration into how the South Korean music genre became a source of beauty innovation, creativity, and cultural impact. To kick off our week-long run of content, we have a digital cover story with JB of #GOT7, who has redefined parts of K-pop style with his facial piercings, shoulder-grazing hair, two-toned colored contacts, and love of manicures. Link in bio for the full profile, and to read more on the Beauty of K-pop. — Photography by @ahnjooyoung_ Styled by @i.m_y_y Hair by @bit.boot_naejoo Makeup by @bit.boot Production by @visualpark_creative Art Direction: @bryvrgs Story by @abelwoman

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There’s a standard expectation for K-pop stars to fit the image of an idol. @jaybnow.hr of #GOT7 turned this into an exercise in character design, spending 11 years creating the public persona his fans know now. He blurs the lines of traditional masculinity and femininity, known for pairing suits with smoky eyes and baseball caps with glossy raspberry lips. “When I was [first] growing my hair out, I thought I would look feminine. Then, I realized there’s no masculine or feminine way of doing things,” he says. Link in bio for the full cover story. — Photography by @ahnjooyoung_ Styled by @i.m_y_y Hair by @bit.boot_naejoo Makeup by @bit.boot Production by @visualpark_creative Story by @abelwoman

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