EXCLUSIVE: Roadies judge Raftaar opens up on Neha Dhupia controversy, says “I felt very bad for the guy”

By | April 17, 2020

Many of us would remember the infamous controversy Neha Dhupia got herself into, after her verbal spat with a Roadies Revolution participant got heavily criticised. After the man in question revealed he hit his girlfriend for cheating on him with five other men, Neha slammed him, saying it was the woman’s choice and that he shouldn’t have gotten violent. For the next few days, she was in for brutal trolling all over the internet, and her family members weren’t spared either.

EXCLUSIVE: Roadies judge Raftaar opens up on Neha Dhupia controversy, says "I felt very bad for the guy"

In an exclusive conversation with Bollywood Hungama, rapper Raftaar, who co-judges the show, opened up on the controversy. “I will tell you what happened. I will share my perspective. When this entire conversation started, everyone understood that what he (the contestant) did was wrong, and it happened long back. I got it. It did not get translated on TV. The way he was speaking and the way he was responding… he did not seem sorry for it. He seemed glad about the fact that he hit her. Why he hit her is something else. We do not want get into anybody’s personal life. It depends on how close two people in a relationship are, and how much freedom they grant each other. If you hold the right to hit someone, probably that someone also has the right to hit you back. It did not look like he had a realisation of his own wrong-doing. But it might also have been the case that he believed what he did was right,” he said.

He also said that he felt genuinely bad for what the guy had to go through, and tried explaining to him where he went wrong. “What happened to that guy was very wrong. I was also feeling very bad. When the video ended, I only told him, ‘Karan, people aren’t angry with you because hit her. They are angry because you think you were right to have hit her,” Raftaar added.

He also cited an example of himself when he ended up abusing on the stage, and later regretted it so deeply that he wrote a rap on it.

And how about Neha being trolled so massively? The rapper believes it is all about people venting their anger. “You target somebody who you know is famous. They are an easy target. You don’t like what they said? If you dare to, then bring a change to it,” he said.